Introducing Exchange Widgets for LetsExchange Partners

3 min readOct 15, 2021

Blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms of any kind are now able to easily add instant crypto swap functionality to their apps and websites by using customizable exchange widgets from LetsExchange.

Generate a new revenue stream

Our exchange widgets enable crypto wallets, blockchain projects, media outlets, and other crypto-related platforms to make money on crypto swaps and boost their user acquisition, engagement, and retention. An easy-to-install exchange widget from LetsExchange enables your audience to swap over 260 cryptocurrencies directly on your platform. You receive up to 0.95% of each swap performed through your widget.

Grow your revenue without any limits

Your commission from every swap grows along with the total exchange volume generated on your side. Your total revenue has no limits — just drive more swaps to earn more money.

Since there are no upper exchange limits on, your profit from a single swap is also unlimited.

Bring instant and effortless crypto swaps to your audience

By using our widgets, you give your users the following crypto exchange benefits:

  • Instant crypto swaps, no registration and KYC required
  • Over 260 cryptocurrencies (and counting) supported
  • Fixed rates to avoid slippage (floating rates are also available)
  • Secure wallet-to-wallet transactions, LetsExchange doesn’t take custody of users’ private keys and assets
  • Privacy: LetsExchange doesn’t require its users to provide personal information
  • The best rates cherry-picked across the world’s top crypto exchanges

How to integrate our exchange widget into your platform

  • Log in, go to the Widgets page in the Affiliate Program section, and select to create a new widget
  • Customize your widget with a few clicks to make it a perfect fit for your platform
  • Copy your widget embed code and add it to your website
  • Make money on every swap you refer and track your affiliate statistics in your LetsExchange account.

Capitalize on crypto swaps with LetsExchange

Exchange widgets expand our B2B toolset that also includes developer API for integrating LetsExchange functionality into your platform. You can also generate affiliate income using referral links available in the Affiliate Program section of your LetsExchange account. Sign up now on to start making money on crypto swaps.




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