LetsExchange Update: 100,000+ Crypto Pairs for Seamless Swaps

2 min readDec 14, 2021

Meeting our community’s demands, we have streamlined the exchange process on LetsExchange and further increased the number of supported cryptocurrencies. You can now swap over 340 coins seamlessly and safely.

Streamlined Exchange Process

First, thank you for helping us make LetsExchange even better. This update is due to our community’s feedback and consists of the following:

Updated network indicators

For a less experienced crypto user, all those different networks for a single coin can be a mess. To help you navigate through all the networks without messing your exchange up, we’ve added new network indicators for all the coins:

Now, it looks better and makes your swaps easier.

No more troubles with insufficient amounts

There are no upper limits for exchange amounts on LetsExchange, but lower limits, which are really low, apply to prevent losses for users when the network fees account for a significant part of the total exchange amount.

Before the recent update, you would see a warning in the exchange widget when trying to enter an amount below the limit. Yet, it was still possible to initiate the swap. If a user ignored the warning and proceeded to exchange, the swap couldn’t be processed automatically, and the user had to submit a support request to get the funds back.

Now, an insufficient amount in the You Send field makes it impossible to start the exchange. The You Get amount will remain at zero, and you’ll be redirected to the previous screen if you try to confirm such a swap. Mistakes of this kind are now totally eliminated, and you have a margin of error when providing exchange details.

More Coins and Tokens

With more networks supported and new cryptocurrencies listed, you can now choose from more than 100,000 crypto pairs on LetsExchange and swap between over 340 coins and tokens. Exchange virtually any coin at literally any time on LetsExchange.io.

As usual, more coins and updates are upcoming. Stay tuned and join our community on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Telegram, Steemit, and Bitcointalk to be the first to know about all the new features.




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